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Quit Smoking, Enjoy your Vape Life

An intelligent creation with the latest heating technology that has “Leak Proof” technology with a modern and minimal design to maximise Nicotine satisfaction. Hence, it helps smokers to reduce and eventually stop smoking indirectly. 

ELIXX Starter Kit

Champagne Gold

Champagne gold is one of the most flattering colors you can find.  Any color and the probability that it goes very well with champagne gold is very high.

Classic Black

You can never go wrong with it. And a touch of it can show many things, it can make something feel unique, special.

Royal Blue

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Orange Ice E POD Strawberry E POD Cool Menthol E POD Pineapple E POD Mung Bean Ice EPOD

Choose from our selection of 8 INTENSE flavors

A bold twist on flavours you love

Introducing the latest e-liquid formulation for our pod-system device, ELIXX POD INTENSE flavors bring bold twists on classics and refreshers to make every vape a pleasure.

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Smooth Airflow

Featuring smooth airflow to pair with the anti-leaking structure, ELIXX supports mouth-to-lung inhale, creating a great vaping experience of nice taste and vapour clouds.

Magnetic Switch

Featuring a user-friendly magnetic lock helps you to secure your e-liquid pods in place while delivering you the incredibly ultimate enjoyment.


With smart battery performance, ELIXX  could last up to 3 days with average use, and one full day with heavy use.

The next generation of e-vapour technology

The innovative atomizing technology release a flavorful and satisfying nicotine-containing vapour.

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Start your TAR-FREE life today!

What you want, when you want it. Our breakthrough nicotine salt formulation means you get more satisfaction faster to create a next-level vaping experience.

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ELIXX 1 Year Limited Warranty

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